LF 2 specific guns to complete my build! (Kaoson and Nopewpew)

I have a radiation based Moze build and it’s working pretty well. However, there are 2 weak spots. I have a Nopewpew with the proper anointment but it’s not M10 and I have an M10 Kaoson with the correct anointment but the wrong element. These 2 things (I think) are keeping me from greatness!

So what I’m looking for:
M10 Cryo Kaoson with 150% Radiation damage under 50% health anoint (full auto)
M10 Nopewpew with 150% Radiation damage under 50% health anoint (preferably x5 but x3 works too!)

Shoot me a message if you have either of these. Hopefully, I have something to trade or we can work something out. I do have an M10 Nopewpew with a different anoint that I can trade (I think it’s 300% damage over 90% health).

Still looking for these if anyone finds one!

Do you really want the x5? I know moze can manage heat the best in the game but i found for whatever reasons it hits softer than my 3.8x3. I have a 2k x5 but not ur annoint. I find it breaks super fast also. 4kx4 is out there too.

Edit: this may all be subject to parts i cant see maybe crit modifiers etc

Do you know if theres a com stat for cov heat i been googling to no avail.

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Honestly, I haven’t found a single M10 version of the Nopewpew with that aniont. I have a few M10 with other anoints and I have an M6 with the anoint so I haven’t been lucky enough to try different pellet versions. I would probably be content with any M10 variant with that anoint.

My bullet regen for that gun is good…but Moze doesn’t do much for the overheating…sadly. Only matched set seems to explicitly reduce heat but it doesn’t even work that well and you have to use 4 CoV guns to even get max benefit. I don’t think I have ever seen a CoM or artifact or anything that modifies heat. I’m not sure why. Not sure why more of Moze BM ammo related skills don’t buff that, either.

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I have farmed cartel religously ive been wondering if it can drop with that as well.

Stupid Rngeezues tech! :boom:

I can confirm it drops with it as i’m using one now, and i may actually have another in my bank. I’ll check when i get home around 3pm EST and let you know. If i have it i’ll give it to you.

I’m back in the market again! Looking for another one of these:
Level 60 M10 Cryo Kaoson with 150% Radiation damage under 50% health anoint (full auto)

I have been farming Traunt so I have some other level 60 Kaoson to trade as well as some other items including some new guns.

So sad that I can’t get a level 60 Nopewpew. :sob: