LF 2 to more to play right now!

Hello to everyone who plays Borderlands. I love the borderlands series and I haven’t played it in a little while. I would like to do a new playthrough from the beginning, a fresh start. I am just looking for gamers to play with. Message me on the xbox one or on here. Let me know. I would definitely love to start today (Saturday).

Requirements to play:
People who like to have fun and enjoy the game
No ninja looters (occasionally to mess around is fine), but at the same time, be fair to everyone. If someone needs something give it to them.
I do not care if you are new or if you currently play and or love the game.
No glitches or cheating or anything to exploit the game. I just want to play it as is.

GT: G4nGSt3r Br33zy