Lf 200% Splash Flipper any element

^ Topic.

I got most variants from the event and trades but can’t seem to drop this one x) if anyone can help with that, ask what you want, I might have it !

Do you have shock Anarchy with sntnl cryo? Or Sandhawks shock/corrosive with sntnl?

I have one. Any King/Queen call with gamma/rakk/ase 100?

Yes, got x20 shock Anarchy with sntl cryo ! @GrzesPL

And @olivier_shady I got a King’s Call fire with 100% ASE and a rad Queen’s Call next 2 mags cryo 100%.

I’m also looking for 100%/200% Kaosons so if you guys got that aswell, let me know

I’m pretty sure I have two different flippers. Don’t use them so don’t know for sure or what the elements are. I have at least one though.

Whats your PSN ID?

PSN is wonga-bunny. Not on now until tomorrow

I have those Kaoson
semi auto/burst

full auto /burst

psn RHAAAALoovely if you are interested

EzioILMentore, add me I’ll send the Anarchy! If you’re looking for anything else let me know !

are you looking for anything specific ?

I’d gladly take the second one. You want both Calls ? I’ll add you later and send them your way !

yes that d be great

Sent, have fun !

Thanks! I sent the Kaoson as well

i also have 200% flippers…im looking for a shock SNTL anarchy x20