LF 25 stagecoach CH and frozen heart ass

HI guys just looking for m10 lvl 60 of the mentioned items
I got a bunch of random good things let me know what you’re looking for :smiley:

hey , Do you have a good Bounty hunter class mod ?

Depends on the rolls you’re looking for skill and stat wise

+3 on Dangerous game with Weapon damage , Crit damage , Mag size / AR / Sniper / Smg/ Pistols damage

I’m at work I know I have a 3 tmdg and 2 frenzy (I think that’s it’s name lol the blue one) with pistol and mag size not sure if it’s weapon damage or jakobs critical I’ll check when I’m off work

Add me : Snaky_hilarious , i have a Frozen Heart too with Action skill trigger effect but lvl 57 if you want

And the Stagecoach lvl 60 CH of course

In case I space cadet my psn is Hero_Sound xP
Work dies that to me sometimes lol

Add you