Lf 250%/300% CAST/SLAM Weapons PS4! I have hundreds of Anointed God Roll Legendaries to trade! Please let me know what u have and need to trade!

As stated in the title, i have basically everything you might need with rolls from 100%, 125%, 50% SNTNL, 100% RAKK, Some cast/slam anointed and more. I have new raid weapons/ shields/ nades anointed and mods. And I have tons of terror stuff too. I really need SLAM 300% weapons. Please message me or leave a message if you have something to trade and want something that I probably have. Please be specific in the details of what you have and want to trade :smiley: I look forward to it :smiley:

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I have much in the way of phase cast and phase slam annoints on gear. Looking for anything specifically? I have recursions, westerguns, hellwalkers, ect. Been playing as amara the most and tend to hold onto anything applicable

Do you have any annointed skeksils (Fire and Corrosive, 100% ASE ideal)

I have some items; not many, but yeah.

non-elemental moonfire w/ cast
fire skeksil with w/ slam
Fire lucianโ€™s call w/ cast
Smart Gun-XXL w/ slam

I do have a skeksil fire 100 yes! I want recursion with 300 slam preferably but 250 would be good too. Hellwalker would be good. I would like what generally are seen as some of the best weapons basically so maggie, crossroads, cutsmans, nighthawkin, maybe lucians/rowans, faisors, more that dont immediately come to mind.

The slam skeksil I would really want! I the lucians and moonfire would be second picks. Let me know if you need anything or add Xmr_f123 if you wanna just send eachother some stuff

I got you on the recursion, I have either a shock or corrosive (maybe both) cutsman with phasecast/slam, I have a nighthawking as well

Nighthawking is an artic with Phaseslam
I have a phasecast Maggie
Shock cutsman with paseslam
Corrosive cutsman with phasecast
2 phaseslam recursions (corrosive and shock/ Rad and shock)
hellwalker with phase cast
hellwalker with melee phase slam

I would like to trade for all if possible. Also looking for maybe skeksil, lyuda, flakker, queen/kings call, good rocket launchers like maybe scourge.

You can add me at xmr_f123 if interested and I can send or trade whatever you want. Not worried about numbers personally I can just drop a bunch of stuff for you if you like! Up to you

happpy to do the same. Definitely want that fire skeksil with 100% damage on ASE. Edited my above post with everything i have that meets your description

I have many good slam weapons and phascast if you want

Such as 300% phaseslam monocle and Maggie and many more lol

Had to step away for a moment. Will be able to send you some goods in about 30 min @xMrFx

I have 300 phaseslam annointed kill of the wisp and corrosive cutsman. U have terror annointed shock recurring hex with ammo regen or health regen or damage and fire rate?

Hey I am interested. I am happy to join up and drop a bunch of stuff you want for your slam/cast weapons if u want

I have a 300% vicious lyuda, and two 200% melee anointed flakkers one non elemental and the other radiation

Yes it do have this! If you add me xmr_f123 I can send you a couple things and you can send me these :smiley:

I ll be on in a few min. My psn is gimn123

I have a hellwalker Phasecast 250%

I am interested in the lyuda and we can send eachother something if u add xmr_f123 :smiley:

Hey Iโ€™ve got a 300 slam fire Cutsman. Looking for siren anointed Kybโ€™s Worth or Messy Breakup

I would be willing to trade for it