LF 250%/300% Damage Cutsman's, or 100% damage ASE, all elements

Have lots to trade. Let me know what you’d like in return

I think i have all the cutsman with the 125% ASE

GT - xCaliurxxx

What would you be looking for in return?

Anything Zane related. He is my main. SNTL Cryo weapons, especially the Maggie. God roll class mods and artifacts. I have three zane build, the rocket launcher farm GW one, the Infiltrator speed build and a cryo build. Sadly none of them do well in MH4 - Still trying to get the right set up and gear to be relevant. They really need to make Zane better, he is the weakest of the toons. But i love him, love his quick wit

Dude, I love Zane. He was the first VH i used. I’m sure I have some stuff to offer you for your Cutsman’s! I’ll take some pics when I get home later and hopefully we can work out a deal :slight_smile:

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Take a look at these and let me know if there’s anything you’d like for the Cutsman’s :slight_smile:

May be interested in the Night Hawkin, Infinity and cyro tackular nade

I’m interested in the Rad Everblast++ if you’re open to trade. See if there’s anything i have you’re looking for Right Here, Thanks

I thought the same thing, but without a detail view there is no way to know if it has Mirv x 4 and Homing

Yeah, I assumed but could be wrong. A fellow seahawk fan i see.

For sure! Let me know if you’d like to trade for them. My GT is Megalom4niac

It is 4x mirv homing. I also have a non elemental one

I have all the cutsman with 300 ase and a fire with 250

I would for the rad everblast if it’s not spoken for.

Can’t open your lis my dude. Says it’s protected

Really? That’s strange…try this.

I got interested in your face puncher.
Is there something you’re looking for?

I have them in every element except radiation. Can trade those as well

Yes sir,
Been loyal fan since I grew up there in the 90’s

The only one I don’t have is Corrosive I think. But yeah, I can send you those few items tomorrow if you want them! Would love to finally have some good annoited Cutsman’s! Haha