LF 250% Maggie 526x6, have phasecast god rolls to trade

Message me for a list I have 20+ items to trade

Not exactly what you’re looking for but I have this:

calebismybro is my ps4 username.

I have it.

What do you have in 250% that is corrosive?

I think I might have a westergun and will hopefully be getting a crossroads soon, not 100% on the westergun, but I can most likely get a hold of a weapon I have a lot of friends who farm a lot

@jorgeammo unfortunately no corrosive westergun, but tell me what you’re looking for and I can get you one

I’m looking for Phasecast 250% Faisors, Infinity Pistols, Shredifiers, Butchers, Crossroad. Elemental preferred.

I have crossroads in rad shock corrosive and incendiary all phasecast I think

Psn: haku-ice

I’m interested in that annointed maggie if its still available for trade.

PSN: Poker_Jedi

Friend request sent.

I have a phasecast butcher I just picked up and a phasecast barrage but neither are elemental, but both really good guns.

Oh I have a bitch that is 250% phasecast that is corrosive I forgot.

You sent a request to me?

Didn’t see anything.

I picked up a maggie 501x6 with the phasecast annoint if you are still looking

I was wondering if you had 250 phasecast anointed Maggie willing to trade my vindicator ghast call

4 months later wow that’s bumping an old topic. Gearbox should really lock these things after 2 weeks. Anything from this topic is going to be level 50.

I’ve probably got one at level 53, but I don’t know that it’s max stats.

I’m willing to trade a vindicator ghast call

Do you happen to have a 250 phasecast maggie

Just need it to complete build once thats done I can gring circle of sluaghter for a better one