Lf 250 phasecast gear

Let me know what you got, lvl 53 shields, 100 ase, Zane and amara gear mostly.

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I have a lv53 pain is power 250 phasecast, and some shields I have to look I don’t remember
I am playing lv 53 Amara currently so more to come, add me and we can trade
psn RHAAAALoovely

Awesome, sounds good

sent you pain is power looking for zane sntl stuff with cryo or mvt speed on shield

Just found a fire lump with 250 phase cast, interested?

I got this one. Do you have something from my list:

I do have the vindicator

a lvl 53 version?

EM-P5 x2
Cutsman- fire/shock/corr
Redistributor- radiation
Jackhammer- corr
SkekSis- fire
MOARR Linoge- corr
Arctic Ripper- cryo
Casual Flakker

Looking for phasecast gear not on this small list please

Yes sir

just scored a Magnificent with 250 pcast anoint and Babymaker with ase 100. Let me know if any interest

edit: Babymaker is actually 125 splash

None of that is phasecast? Or what are you saying?

It is phasecast and I was hoping you had some phasecast gear yourself to trade.

Sounds good man, add me. What do you need?

Oh gotcha, and I do have phasecast gear to trade.

I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear about that in my first post. Guess I got excited to see someone else looking for phasecast gear.

I have everything on your list though I’m pretty sure. What do you need?

anything not on that list lol. Class mods, assault rifles, the other redistributors, kyb’s would be really nice too.
I have Zane gear, some gamma gear as well

Great, lets trade. my psn el-jorg

Sent you an fr