LF 2x Corrosive Ion Cannon w/ 125 splash damage and 2x projectile recursion with splash damage

Also looking for a shock ion as well with the same specs, I have a ton to trade just lmk what youre after.

Could probably find what you want there.

I have the ion cannon. I’m looking for bangsticks x18, quickies x2, or scourges with splash anointments.

I have a regular, fore and corrosive quickie x2 no anointment though

I’ll take the corrosive. And also the regular if its x2. I got both shock and corrosive x2 with the anointments.

Ok whats your GT?

■■■■ my bad its the fire and corrosive ion cannons with splash anointed. Ill just take the corrosive quickie then. Hold on though cause I had to step outside right quick. Gt is ROCKNROLLBADASS

Alright Ill need to make a copy of my quickie I dont have a 2nd one

I can mail mine to you if thats how we’re doing it.

I dont have a copy of mine I need a hand to make one

Ah okay I don’t have a mic unfortunately though.

Its ok do you know how to create lag?

Just press rb and lb in my bank right??

Yeah I have to be in your game while you do that so if you could send me an invite

Thank you very much

You to!

Thank you for the shout out my dude!

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