LF 2x lumps (w/ Moze annoints)

Looking for 2x lumps preferably moze annointed

I’ve got them. I’m looking for a few very specific things though:

Purple Marksman mod w/+1 Redistribution, +1 Experimental Munitions, +3 Scorching RPMs. +Sniper damage, +Hyperion Crit damage

Last Stand Otto Idol/Victory Rush w/ +sniper damage, + mag size, and any of the following: +cool down/splash damage/grenade damage/aoe damage/-shield delay

Don’t care if they are level 50-53.

I have a few marksmen comms with those skills but I’ll have to check the passives in a bit

I’m also fairly certain I have a few last stand otto idols and victory rushes without sniper damage but with all the other passives you’ve listed

If you dont mind me asking but it sounds like you’re doing a tanksmanshield build?

Actually no, just messing around with Woodblocker.

I’m also looking for Blast Master with +1 Redistribution, +mag size, +heavy, +weapon damage/+something else useful.

By the way, just realized my Lumps are level 50. That okay…?