LF 2x Recursion with shock or rad and corrosive with ASE 125% splash or 100%

Got a ton to trade just lmk what youre looking for

Have both.

Looking for sntnl dictators or a 25x stagecoach

I dont have either of those unfortunately.



Do you have aby ice breaker victory rush or snowdrift victory rush?

Yeah I got an icebreaker victory rush

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Those are nice artifacts! I got a bunch of recursions, and I know I have a splash one too.

Well if you got a 2x with splash Im looking for it

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I have a radiation corrosion single shot splash anointed version, and a double shot shock corrosion phasecast anointed one. Those are the closest ones I have.

JJust got this from slaughter shaft. Would you be interested in it? Second element is cryo


I got a corrosive single shot and I dont use phasecast.

Yeah what are you looking for?

Looking for splash anointed scourges, x2 quickies (prefer corrosive), any kybs, anointed heartbreakers, good artifacts, and good moze coms.

Or whatever, unfortunately the things I want are so specific. Iā€™m not too attached to this recursion

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I got a bunch of kybs worths, but none are particularly well anointed. And not sure what your idea of good Moze coms or artifacts are, but I could probably hook you up with something you need.

I have 2 3x kybs with splash damage one fire/corrosive and one shock/cryo

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Sounds like some sweet loot. If you want anything else, Iā€™d be willing to trade it for those.

What are the mag sizes on each?

Both 37