LF 3 guns, able to trade stuff

Hello, I’m pretty new here but I thought I’d give it a try so I’m sorry if this isn’t the place for this.

Really I just want a radiation and shock(?) Lucians Call and a Bekah without a scope (if that’s possible)

Level 53, idc about annointments at all I just want thos bois

I have a lot of crap in my bank so just lmk what you might want and I might have it, I might not.

I have 2 extra ice Lucians, 1 with a scope, one with iron sights
The one w the scope has dmg of 506, ant is on ase, crit inc by 25%
The one w/o the scope has dmg 482, ant is sliding increases your acc/hand by 50%

I have like 5 alchemists, 4 ogres, a radiation flakker, corrosive conference call, a The Hunt(ed) (if you’re into that) all 53 of course.

I appreciate any help, if you need my gamertag just PM me. Thank you so much in advance!

Lucians only come in cryo, Fire, and corrosive.

Ah ok, didn’t know that. Thank you! Thought I heard somewhere they might come in rad but idk.

Rowan’s call comes in shock and rad.