LF: 3 very specific items

I am looking for:

1.) Green Monster COM with +5 SRPMs
Passives: AR DMG/Magsize/Atlas-Firerate

2.) Last Stand Otto Idol
Passives: AR DMG/Magsize/Movement Speed

3.) Last Stand Victory Rush
Passives: AR DMG/Magsize/healthRegen

I have a couple of Moze annointed stuff like:

160% splash: Lumbs lvl50, Shredded Nukem lvl53, Scourges lvl50, Annexed ION Cannons lvl50, Kaos lvl53 (shock)

Alot of 125% bonus fire dmg after exit, please ask.

Random annoints all lvl53

100% ASE: shock/fire Kybs, Wedding Invitation, corrosive/rad Recursion, fire Faisor, 1 fire and 1 corrosive Crossroad, Brainstormer

50% rad 2 mags: Sickle, Alchemist, Kill-O-Whisp, 2 Nighthawkins

50% cryo 2 mags: Nighthawking, fire Cutsman, cryo Lucians Call, Shredifier all lvl53

50% corrosive 2 mags: cryo Faisor, cryo Kaos, Lyuda

50% shock 2 mags: cryo Crossroad, fire Cutsman, fire Shredifier, Warlord, rad Rowans Call

Some Rakk Attack 100% DMG ones: Rosens Thornes, fire Redistributor, 1 fire and 1 shock Cutsman, rad Rowans Call, rad/fire Recursion, Lyuda