Lf 300/90 face-puncher

Preferably with 7 pellets per shot, but x14 is ok too. Just tell me what you’re looking for, and I’ll see if i have it. Ricoblue84 is my ps4 name, but I’ll keep tabs on this forum.

I can send you one. I have two so I will see about the pellet count. Do you have any urad weapons? Looking for a skullmasher but a URad kaos is also welcome. Or anything from the guardian takedown.

I believe i have 1 urad kaos, let me double check.

I am so sorry, i thought i had one, maybe i didn’t grab it. I don’t have either of those urad weapons, or anything from the takedown. Just a cryo tiggs boom, and radiation light show, both urad.

No worries. I will send you the facepuncher shortly. Would you be interested in parting with that lightshow. I only have a gamma burst one.