LF : 300/90 Psycho Stabber & 50/150% Maggie & 50/150% Hellwalker

Been farming forever to try and get these 3 items!

Have got stuff to trade, examples below:

LV65 consec hits Maggie;
LV65 consec hits Hellwalker;
LV65 Double Penetrating Bangsticks (Rad and non elemental);
LV65 50/150% unforgiven;
LV65 50/150% Breath of the Dying
LV65 300/90 Face Puncher
LV65 50/150% Hyperfocus
LV65 50/150% Redistributor
King Arthur’s Holy Grail Relic
LV65 Consec Hits Radiation Boogeyman
LV65 ASE 100% Plasma Coil
LV60 Version 0.m shield w/ activate any effects that trigger on shield break or fill
LV60 Frozen Heart shield w/ activate any effects that trigger on shield break or fill

A bunch of Gamma Burst Active anoint weapons

Other top annoint unforgiven’s, but not all are level 65

i think i have an extra 50/150 maggie. give me a bit to check. if i do can i get that consecutive hits boogeyman?

great, let me know. Yep no worries.

i have a 50/150 maggie. whats your psn?

Great! It’s NineteenSquid00

sent the friend request

Sent the weapon, let me know when you’ve sent the maggie :slight_smile:

thank you. sending it now

awesome, got it thanks!

no prob. thanks for the boogeyman. ive yet to get consecutive hits version so this is nice to have

Hey I have the psycho Stabber and the Hellwalker. I would like I make a trade for the Boogeyman with ch1.

@engulfeddarkness sorry I now have those items now!
But do you have a 50/150% in any of the below?
Clairvoyance Masher
Light Show
Plasma Coil

I have a 50/150 rad light show. Happy to trade for a 300/90 face puncher? Is it x14?

It’s a x7 deep dive?

Added. Will send anyways :slight_smile:

Cool, I’ve sent the facepuncher.

I do have a tizzy, coil, and a couple of lightshows in 50/150

Plasma coil for Boogeyman?
What elements of Lightshows do you have - anything else you want to trade for them?

I’ll just hook you up with the lightshows and the coil for the Boogeyman my psn is R4y2a1n

Mate, i have rad and corrosive CH boogeyman for you if you want too.