LF: 300/90 Psycho Stabber or Stabber with Phase Flare Anointment

My friend and I have been farming for hours and when it does drop (which is rare) it does not have a great anointment for a melee/phase flare build. I have an almost full bank of stuff so just let me know what you want! Thank you!

I can send out a 300/90 stabber, got any good rolled spy or seein dead class mods with splash and pistol damage?

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Let me check! Thank you so much!!

I think I do but it may not be level 65, is that okay? Is there anything else you would want? Please and thank you!

I can accept it, hit me a request, Im playing a different title rn and i’ll switch to BL3 later tonight.

Update taking forever will send it probably in the next 15 minutes.

Thank you so much, you are awesome, I can vouch for you, and I hope to repay you!!