LF 300/90 Psycho Stabber

After the recent buff I’d love to get my hands on one of these. Does anybody have one? Would be eternally grateful.

got a linoge 120% melee 300/90 if you want. It’s the same

Very kind of you but after Thursday they’re no longer the same. The Stabber now has a shiny new +340% melee attachment, making it the de facto best weapon for “real” melee builds.

Oh yeah!? Didn’t notice that !!

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I have a 300/90 stabber on me, do you have a seein dead with bonuses to splash and pistol damage?

I’m not sure. Let me look when I’m next on :+1:

I know I have some good ones. How about if I just send you a few when I’m next on?

Not to worry now, someone’s hooked me up. All the same, I’ll look to see if I have anything that works for you. Can’t promise anything though.

I’m still looking for this one. I got a 60 5xdonny seein dead if you want.

Also have other guns as well

Splash and action skill. Lemme know if you’re interested