LF 300% Corrosive Cutsman

I’m currently looking for a 300% after Phaseslam corrosive Cutsman. I have a lot of things to trade but I’m not currently at my game so I can’t list them all. So if there’s anything you’d be willing to trade for let me know and I can see if I have it.

PS: also looking for Rakk Attack anointed stuff. Maggie, Night Hawkin etc. Might make a comprehensive list of stuff I’m looking for and stuff I’m willing to trade for later on.

I have an fire cutsman with that anoit I also have a few rakk attack stuff

What sort of Rackk Attack stuff do you have? And is there anything you’re looking for that I can trade for the Cutsman?

Hey I’ve also got a Fire Cutsman with 300% after slam. I’m after a projectile recursion with grasp anointed or Tiggs Boom

I’m looking for anything useable with 100% more damage after rakk hits

I don’t really have much in that regard. What I do have I’d like to try to keep until I get better stuff. But I do have a conference call, a damned, and a hellshock with that anointment. But for a 300% Phaseslam Cutsman I guess I can let one of those go.

You didn’t answer my first question though, what Rakk Attack anointments do you have?

I definitely do not have a tiggs boom yet, as I have not even attempted the raid. I have a few recursions laying around but I don’t think any of them are anointed.

I have the 300% corrosive cutsman. If you have either an elemental projector artifact (any besides deathless) with decent stats, cutsman with ase damage annoint or a loaded dice with hp regen

I have a few EP’s.
EP Loaded Dice - 16^% corrosive dmg, +1666 max shield, 30% max shield
EP Rocket Boots - 17% AR dmg, 40% FFYL duration, 1487 max health
EP Splatter Gun - 16% shock dmg, FFYL movement speed, 8% movement speed
EP Pull Out Method - 16% fire dmg, 8% movement speed, 25% melee dmg
EP Pull Out Method - 16% shock dmg, 40% ffyl duration, 14% reload speed
EP White Elephant - 29% fire resist, 14% reload speed, 29% rad resist

Ep pull out with move speed would be dope. Psn us DoodleMyPoodle

All yours.

I’ll accept request and mail as soon as I’m off work