LF 300% melee brawler ward

Accepting gifts in the mail. Anointment would be nice, but its not necessary. I have stuff to offer in return.

GT: SlimeGod YT

I have that shield for trade and I believe it is anointed with 100% melee on ASE but I’ll have to check when I get home.

I’m looking for below items:
Weapons (preferably Rowan’s call, crossroad, breath of the dying, maggie, devastator) with Beastmaster Gamma Burst anointment

Legendary shields (preferably recharger) with: 5% health regen on full and anointment: 5% health regen on ASE

Legendary relics (preferably atom balm) with action skill cooldown, health regen and magazine size or some combo thereof.

I can give a shock or fire Rowans and shock crossroad, unfortunately none of those are annointed. I also probably have a Re Charger somewhere. If you want any of that I’m definitely down to trade for your shield

I already have those weapons without the anointments so really just looking for those with the gamma burst anointment. (Like finding a needle in a haystack).

I also already have a recharger, I’m really just looking for any shield (except an amp type shield or Front loader) with the perk 5% health regen on full shields and anointment 5% health regen on ASE.

Yeah I figured you would have those. Thanks anyways though I’ll keep my eyes peeled for those things

I can give you a brawler, what do you have for trade? Any chance you have a breaker mod with find your center and melee boost?

I don’t but I’ll keep an eye out. I have mostly guns for trade if you’re looking for something specific I can check

I can send you the sheild anyway I have a few what’s your GT

my GT is ’ SlimeGod YT ’ thanks I really appreciate it

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I have an annointed brawler ward if you were still looking (action skill end, 30% of all damage taken is returned to attacker)

do you happen to have a lyuda?

I do have a non-elemental Lyuda I would definitely trade for that shield

Cool! Sent you the brawler mod. If you have a chance, can you send me the Lyuda?

GT HumanGeeGnome


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Will send it tonight, thanks!

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