LF 40-50 Legendary Gear (Tons to Trade)

Hey guys.

I am looking for any and all Legendary / Unique weapons and gear from level 40-50.

I have TONS of leg / unique gear between 1-50 and then at 50 and then again at 60 to offer in trade, but somehow i don’t have any between 40-50!

Anyways, tons to trade in return!

Please add me on PSN:


Or reply / message me on here!

Thanks in advance!


Have a long nail level 40-50 you wanna get rid of? I don’t have too much in that level range but I’ll send you a list of what I do have when I can get a chance to play.

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Im fairly certain ive got one at 50!

Looking forward to your list, thanks!

Awesome. I’m lvl 50 now and haveing a really difficult time with deadlift in uvhm.

Lvl 50 deft torrent ( no element).
45 stoic torrent (shock).
48 thorny ol’ rosie (corosive).
49 crammed rod (glitch. Explosive).
50 vibra pulse.
44 ZX-1 (fire).
41 excalibastard.
I thought I had more.
If you want any of that let me know. I may be playing a little tonight. I’ll add you on psn.

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Ill definitely be on in a few hours!