LF 432% Unforgiven with Terror crit B4 event ends

Have been farming for this non-stop. Anyone found a 432% unforgiven with terror crit? Have stuff, may have what you want.

It’s for trick shots :slight_smile: I am specifically after this anoint and 432% crit damage bonus. I have non terror versions. The terror damage anoint won’t work either.

Would a 300^90 not still be better?

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I have a 300/90. I am wanting to test the terror crit version out for critswapping mobbing and bosses with immunity phases. 300/90 is the best if the enemy has full health. Once it is down to 89% the anointment isn’t active. So for bosses that have immune phases, it only works on the first phase. I run facepuncher/white elephant builds and sometimes the initial ‘melee’ shot takes off more than 10% health.

I know that but I only use (if I use) the unforgiven for the first rocket launcher or Sniper hit on a boss.

Does the unforgiven wrecks normal enemies? Never really used it for other reasons than Crit swapping since I have bad memories of that gun from bl2…

Have also a knife drain white elephant with shotgun, fire and corrosive damage if you like.

Thanks, I have good KD/WEs. I don’t use the unforgiven except in crit swap situations.

A good example of where I may use the terror crit version is the Wotan fight. Once he has gone into his first shield phase, the 300/90 is useless for critswapping. I run a terror build so having the extra crit damage whilst terrified may work out better. Won’t know until I test.

Also, with this build, crits from a hunter-seeker/megavore combo on FL4K would, I assume, benefit from the terror crit bonus.