LF: 5% Damage on Kill OR 1% Damage increase on Hit Anointed Ogre

I’m looking for one of the following Annoints on an Ogre:

5% Damage on Kill
1% Increase Damage on hit

Preferably a single ammo per shot Ogre, but I’m not going to be too choosy.

I have a lot of Moze Gear, and tons of legendaries to offer, multiple base firestorm, Let me know what you are looking for.

I have a double shot one with 125% to named enemies if you want?

I appreciate the offer, but no thanks, I’m Primarily looking for the 1% on hit, but I could settle on the 5% stacking and get more proactive at killing adds if I need to.

Right now, I’m able to farm Gigamind & Rampager on Mayhem 4 no matter the mods with my base Ogre + Rain Firestorm, but most of Mayhem 4 is such a slog, that I just generally don’t even bother.

There are times when even Mayhem 2 in the trials is ridiculous. I tried Trial of Fervor this morning on Mayhem 2, and just kept getting terrible spawns of Annointed + 3 bar badasses, and gave up.

Most of the other bosses I’ve tried on Mayhem 4 just take so long that I end up going back to sanctuary. The difference in loot just isn’t worth the wait, when I can farm Gigamind Mayhem 4 in 1/4th the time.

Graveyard is easy with a good cutsman or king call same with several others

Graveward *

Graveward is still 3x the length of kill that gigamind is, and so far I haven’t seen any difference in loot except for quantity, which the speed of Gigamind farming more than makes up for.