LF 50/150 Radiation Gear

LF 50/150 gear for my rad build. Really looking for a 50-150 Reflux and Monarch.

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You and me both, don’t know why but the Reflux drop seems abysmal to me. Even when compared to other M6+ weapons and dedicated drops in general.

Hey, guys, I have Redundant x14, 50/150 reflux, only comes in corrosive, and also have 50/150 x8 Monarchs.
What are your GTs?

GT conch8

Thank you so much! What can I give you in return?

Sent both, cool guns, have fun. We are good, buddy.

vCarpe, sent you a Reflux, cheers.

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I have level 57 reflux 50/150 if anyone wants it. X7. Still kicks but

I’m also LF a 50/150 reflux