LF 50/150 Shock Redistributor, 200% splash corrosive backburner, CH monarch

In return I can offer ase next 2 mag/sntnl redistributor, ase recursions, 50/150 lobs, sntnl/ase opq, ase/sntnl frontloader shield, ase/sntnl old god, ase/ogt hex, and many others

psn: GB_8893

I have a 50/150 shock redistributor for your ASE next 2 mag redistributor, what element is it? LMK if you are interested.

I have all the redistributors with that anointment. Looking for x2 recursions with ASE element. N8d0ggz

fr sent

sure, add me on psn

Accepted FR and sent you redistributor, send me yours when you get back on line, cheers.