LF 50% Cryo while SNTL is active weapons

Have tons of great anointed gear for flak and Amara, lots of new class mods and 100-300% damage weapons. Psn is OrbitOnyx

Sent you a PM

i have an anointed popular bitch +50% cryo while SNTL active if you want

I have a nuclear Jericho with that anointed. It melts those anointed militants with the mortars.

I have alot of gear with that annoit looking for new weapons( I have a couple) with that annoit and laser sploders in cryo and corrosive with that annoit.

Got a Kings and Queens call with those annointments

I think I might have a couple. I can check when I get home. Do you happen to have a 100% rak attack brainstormer or Maggie?

What would you take for 1 or both of them weapons

I have a 100% ASE Maggie Lf 100% rak maggie