LF 53 ASE 100 Headsplosion

Can’t find this thing anywhere. Have a lot to trade, let me know what you’re in the market for.

Have you got an Otto idol with movement speed and either smg damage or area of effect damage increase?

Nope, 'fraid not.

lv 50 or 53 ?

Level 53

I have one LV 53 125% Splash Damage ASE

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What’re you looking for?

Lyudas, Infinity, X2 IONs, and Craps with either SNTNL, Gamma, Rakk Attack, 100% ASE, 125% Splash, 160% Splash, or 250% Phasecast.

Well rolled classmods and artifacts.

I have these:

Fire Infinity ASE 100
x2 Kinetic Ion Cannon ASE 125 splash
Rad Lyuda Gamma
Corrosive Lyuda 125 Badass, Boss, Named
Kinetic Lyuda Rakk 100
Cryo Lyuda Rakk 100
Kinetic Lyuda ASE 100

I’ll trade you for the Fire Infinity

PSN jorgeammo

Added, I’m lemenoodles.

Mailed it

Same. Thanks for the trade.