LF 53 Bekah with 100% damage ASE

I have a 50 version, just wondering how much more awesome a 53 version with that anointment would be.

Around 27% better.

Nice. It’d be nice if they added that to the drop pool.

I have one that I can trade to you. You have anything good to trade?

Possibly. Any suggestions on stuff you’re looking for, and I can hunt through my stash tomorrow?

Let me know if you have anything with the sntnl anointment, or something with 100% dmg on ase

Whats your PSN?


Ok, found a couple things, about to crash though, will send tomorrow. Think I got a corrosive nemesis with 100% ASE, and a Lob with either 100% or Sntnl cryo. I know I have a Lucky 7 and Unforgiven with sntnl cryo too. Will take a look when home tomorrow.

Just shoot me an add. No need to trade anything back. I’ll just give you one.