LF 53 Kybs 160. Have Corr Shock 160 Kybs. Gamma. 125 Kybs. 100 Cuts,Maggie,X14BStorm, ect

need 160 kybs i have shock corr one. 125 splash fire shock kybs. 100 SNTNL cryo shock kybs. rad fire gamma kybs. ase 100 cryo x2 protuberence, lyuda,rad rowans, x2 cryo corr recursion,fire shock cutsmans,wedding invite fire, maggie,x14 bstorm. 160 IB splash terminal poly, flakker, fire bearcat, breath dying, corr sploder. 125 splash dp cryo dazzle. gamma burst maggie,bstormer,rad crossroad,weeding invite, shock corrosive cutsmans. 125 boss dmg all cuts, x3 trevonator. 25% cloning mad trakker. all 5 element 50% transformers. please lemme know what you want for the kybs, even several items for a kybs, thanks.

Do you have lv 1 stop gap shield with health regen or bloodletter mod with health regen?

Ya both. What’s up

Awesome! Can I trade you for them? I have lv 53 Kyb that is corr/shock and lv 50 Kyb cryo/shock, corr/shock.

I am online now, faxanadonuts gamertag.