LF - 53 Shock hyperfocus xz41 w/ 50 or 100 ASE

Let me know what you need! I have Amara and Zane stuff.

Bump! Still looking!

you got any gamma burst anoint stuff?
specifically rad protuberance or rad devils foursome
ive got a rad redistributor with rad 50% ase

I will check.

im also looking for a better red fang comm and an elemental projector otto idol

Sorry bro, no gamma burst stuff, mostly Zane and Amara is what I have. I have a level 50 elemental projector Otto idol but it’s level 50.

Bump! Still looking.

I’ve got one. I’d like to get an incendiary Moarr Linoge w/ SNTL 100% cryo. Or, a Redistributor w/ SNTL 100% cryo.

Ye I think I got a stnl cryo redistributor . Add me: Margoraider

Crap… nvm it’s barrier. Maybe some of these might interest you?

I’ve added you. I’ve really got my heart set on either of the guns I mentioned. I’ll send you the one you want though. Just think of me if you ever run across either of the guns I’m looking for.

I assume from your avatar that you’re a guitar player. What kinds of music do you play? What kind of guitars?

I have 2, Pacifica 612viifm and ephi Les Paul tribute plus. Really want a Gibson but the tribute plus has the 59 Gibson hums so it’s good enough for now. I play for church.

I’ve accepted. I’ll send you the guns anyway. I have no use for it cause I really only have Amara. It was given to me by a friend. Just delete it if you don’t want. @psci

I’ll send you the gun in a couple minutes.

I’ve got a couple PRS’s and my father old (cerca '58) Gretsch acoustic. I play a lot of older music. 80s hair metal, Hendrix, Beatles, etc.

Just sent the gun. Enjoy.

Ty, I’ll send any sntnl stuff that I have that way when I get home.

Used to play a lot of rock, now it’s mostly blues that interest me.

Sent. @psci

Wow, thanks for all the weapons. Most were upgrades on items I already had. Of the bunch, only three went to Marcus.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for that Hyperfocus.

Sorry to hijack your thread, but can I get in on those sntnl cryo redistributors please? Particularly the radiation one.
I have many other goodies to share including but not limited to; a lvl 53 elemental projector ottoidol with corrosive damage cryo damage and max shield.
Lvl 53 ice breaker otto idol with cryo damage and shield recharge delay.
lvl 50 seeing dead mod with 2 donnybrook, weapon damage, hyperion damage, weapon charge speed.
lvl53 cryo recurring hex with ogt damage anoint.
Lvl53 fire cutsman with ase 125 to badass &named
Lvl53 transformer with either ase cryo or ase action skill cooldown anoints.
Lvl53 maggie with ase 100 weapon damage or barrier anoint.

@Imit8m3 ya man, add me: Margoraider.

Do you happen to have a Cryo Redistributor w/ SNTL 100% Cryo? If so, I’d be happy to trade my radiation Redistributor.