LF - 53 Wedding Invitation - ASE Damage - Highest percent I can find

I just hit level 53 as the event ended and got an Okay invitation. I am looking to have fun with a Fl4K build using the Wedding Invitation as sniping is my favorite thing to do in this game. I’d love to be able to enjoy it before level cap increase.

I don’t have much of anything to trade back, but would be willing to talk it out.

Thanks in advance!

I’ve got a 100% weapon damage ASE

I’m not sure I’ll have anything good to send back, but it would be awesome to get one. Let me know what you want to do.

Oh it’s all good, I just use my gamma burst one and I’m fine lol

Add my epic, KittyShoes17, and I’ll mail it to you when I have time tomorrow

Done. Coming from x gooutside x

Sent! Have fun and happy vault hunting!