Lf 57 lucky 7 plz

I’m looking for a 57 ase or consecutive hits lucky 7. Got lots of stuff to trade including rakk attack, 100% cryo sntl,phasecast, phaseslam,shields,100% ase stuff and class mods. Let me know :slight_smile:

I’ve got an Iron-Willed Lucky 7 with ASE 100% damage anoint. Let me know if you’re interested!

Sounds tasty dude. What do u want for it?

Not looking for anything in particular. Do you happen to have any decently rolled Spiritual Drivers? I’ve been farming Sylestro and he just won’t drop anything even with weapon damage on it.

Another possibility is an Elemental Dmg Anarchy with PhaseCast 250% dmg anoint and 18 or 20 pellets. I’ve got 3 Phaseslam x18 but no PhaseCast or ASE 100%. I prefer PhaseCast over PhaseSlam. All of the PhaseCast ones that I have are x12 or x13.

Also, I’ve got a recently leveled Fl4k and I’ve been trying to get a x16 Garcia with ASE 100% dmg anoint. I got a x12 one but not x16.

Let me know if you’ve got any of these. The Lucky 7 is still yours though even if you don’t.

I might have the spiritual driver, I know I have one with assault rifle dmg not sure on the other rolls and possibly the anarchy your looking for I’ll check in a little while. Farmed chonk a ton never seen one Garcia

So I’ve got a level 50 driver with weapon handling, smg dmg and shotgun dmg or a level 57 with splash radius,shield recharge rate and torgue weapon accuracy. And I have anarchy x 18 with 125 splash ase

I also have unseen threat 100ase, 100 rakk attack clairvoyance, gamma stagecoach x16, x14 brainstormer 100ase, phasecast 250 a system x2, cryo lucians call 100% cryo sntl, cryo sntl hyperfocus non elemental, 100 cryo sntl insider x12. Lemme know if any of those are good for you

I’ll take that x14 Branstormer with ASE 100% dmg. That’s one that I don’t have.

I went ahead and sent the Lucky 7 over to you. Enjoy!

Thanks dude. I’ll send over the brainstormer shortly :slight_smile:

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Sent thanks again buddy

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