LF +5DB Seein Dead and Zane focused Band of Sitorak

Have lots to trade
PSN - NeveR_x_EndeR

I have a Trigger Happy Band of Sitorak with a Barrier Anointment if you interested.
Can’t acces it now though.
Will be online later today.

looking for:
ion cannon(Corro)x2:30% damage when flying

Don’t have that. Sorry.

Interested. What would you like for it?

Looking for :
Re-Router with SNTNL 15% movement speed anointment.
Redundant Brainstormer with SNTNL 50% bonus Cryo damage anointment.
Kill o the Wisp (×2 projectile) with SNTNL 50% bonus Cryo damage anointment.

Do you have a bullet buffet recharger, redundant face puncher phasecast damage, phasecast dam skelsil shock, anything like that or Moze splash weapons?