LF 72 and OP8 Evisceration Grog Nozzle (BL2/PS4)

I’m looking for an OP8 Evisceration Grog Nozzle and a lower level one, it doesn’t have to be level 72. If anyone has them it would be much appreciated. psn is Sir_Carlyle. Thanks.

Got an OP8 evisceration grog. I might have a level 72. PSN: Mini_Holmesy

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Cool man. I will be on later in the day.

I just saw your shop post. By any chance do you still have a set of Banbury Pimpernels and/or Flying Sandhawks? I don’t really have much to trade since I just started on the PS4, but I do have a pretty sweet level 32 Thunderball Fists with bad parts and 2 million dollars(in game money).

I have plenty of flying sandhaek a and Banbury pimpernels, I could just give them to you mate. I’ll be on later tonight

I also looking for looking for op8 eviscerating grog. Can one of yall help me
PSN storyman1

I also need a Evisceration Grog Nozzle for my Melee Zer0. I would love you forever if somebody could help me out.

Sorry I only had the OP8 evisceration grog to trade. I only had potent grog at 72