Lf '72 & op8 - loads lvl 1-61 & heads/skins in return

I’m a returning player to BL2 and upon checking what mules had survived a 5 year syay away, found the Lvl 72 and OP8 gear (and everything in-between) was no more. This was a problem as my main reason for returning was to continue with the characters I’d left at Lvl 50 and 61, and get them to OP Lvls.

To offer for trade I’ve got a silly amount of Lvl 1 to Lvl 61 gear. The reason for the silly amount is I had a Trading Post for about a year on this forum, and all my other mules have survived.

Its far too much to detail so if your interested it would be easier to give me a rough idea of what you are wanting and i will search my mules.

To give a very loose idea of what i have on offer -

LVL 1 to LVL 50 - lots in here from the infamous “Night of Legendaries” when a Gbox hot fix upped the Legendary drop rate and for a few hours it rained Orange. So items way out their normal Drop range. Thats all loot not just weapons

LVL 50 to LVL 61 - all the usual suspects. Again all loot and most is all perfect gear in sets.

LVL 61 - This is the bulk of what ive got left after a quick scan over the mules. Again mostly perfect parts and all loot not just guns.

Finally lots of heads and skins for all characters. Used to have them all (aside from the few ‘unobtainable’ or ‘banned’ ones). Have only found the mules for these, haven’t had a chance to look inside yet to see exactly whats there. Gonna do so in the next couple of days.

The gear I’m looking for the most are the comms for Gaige and Zero. All of them. Well, all characters really, but the Zero and Gaige gear would be great. Aside from that I’ll consider anything anyone takes the time to offer up. Just hope I can find what gear you’d like back in return.


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