LF 72 or op1 items PS3

So I’ve been trying to farm for a week or two trying to get a norfleet, bekah, and twister, along with the leg siren mod but havn’t had any success, would be willing to trade some things for em. I don’t have much but here it goes. I’m at my wits end trying to farm for them atm. I’m sure there’s more and I can update the list here soon. Thank you.

  • 72 all elements of lyudm
    -72 DP Harold
    -OP1 Shock CC
    -72 Sham 81%
    -72 hoplite
    -72 big boom blaster shield
    -72 leg nurse, binder class mods
    -72 leg Titan class mod
    -72 discharge infinity
    -op1 gentlemans volcano

Would trade for weapons or help in digistruct. Thanks again. PSN is Natas937