LF 72 Phasezerker w/ weapon or SMG damage/mag size

Have lots to trade, let me know what you need! TY for looking!

GT DLKnives

I have a 72 phazezerker with 39% splash dmg,35% weapon dmg and 43% action skill dmg, if your still looking.

I would like it, yes! What are you looking for?

ETA: I’m going to bed but we can deal tomorrow.

Do you have any good annoited arms race gear for flak,zane or moze? Or either takedown weapons?

I have:

Needle guns - fire, cryo, corrosive
Plasma Coil w/while Iron Cub is active damage is increased 150%,
Kyb’s Worth - cryo/shock Fade Away and 150/90, Rad/Shock, Rakk Attack
Free Radical - shock w/Iron Bear, Cryo w/Phaseslam - 300% damage

Stuff like that.

TY for sending the CM - I am using it now nd will send you whatever you want.

No problem buddy, could I get the shock free radical if cool with you👍

Lmk if you need anything else too,I’ve got plenty of stuff. Maybe we could do some more trades :metal::grin:

That would be great! I will send it right away.

Good dealing with you!

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