LF a brawler ward

I have been farming GraveWard for a week and a half and haven’t gotten it to drop. If you have an extra one laying around I would gladly take it off your hands. I have some things to trade.

I am pretty sure I have one. I can check when i get home. Might have ditched it last night when i was freeing up space in storage. But fingers crossed =) I will let you know

Whats your GT?


for some reason i did not get a notification. I will look tonight and send to you if i have one!

no worries just let me know

I have one it’s not anonited, what do you have to trade ?

I have the opposite luck, that is all GW drops for me, was getting pretty upset about it. I have a few and i think they are all anointed - Got so many i was selling them at the vendors

If i have one i do not think its anointed. If i have one though you can just have it.

I have an anointed one for zane and digiclone or a non anointed one which would you like?

ill take the unanointed one

Sorry had a busy weekend and now i am home with a injured dog… so I remembered to send it. All yours