LF a certain St4kbot and Artifact and I probably have what you need for trade

Looking for a St4kbot class mod with Weapon Damage / Jackobs Damage / Jackobs Crit or Weapons Damage / Weapon Crit / Assault Rifle Damage. Also looking for any artifact with pistol damage and magazine size.I probably have what you need.

PSN: Mattgamer87

Closest I have

I’ll trade you for the artifact, what do you need

I may have the st4ckbot for u

Awesome. When would you be able to find out

this what you want?

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Last Stand Loaded Dice with Mag Size and HP regen

Corrosive or Molten Infinity 250% phasecast, 300% Slam, 100% SNTNL

Power Syphon Transfusion Tracker Grenade in Corrosive with grenade thrown anointment

Yikes I dont have those, but that’s the exact class mod I need

I dont want that some1 else posted below but you have any good splash gear?

125% splash damage on ASE or 160% after iron bear is the gear I’m looking for but I am open to other things

Ok I’ll take a look for those 2 things and I’ll take pictures

Unfortunately all I have is rocket launchers with splash. I have hardly any moze or amara gear just class mods. But I have tons of flak and zane gear. Anything else you could use