LF a cloning maddening tracker and a transformer with 50% rad ASE

Anointed with 25% damage on thrown preferred, but not necessary, I just want to be able to keep my grenades up without BBB.

Lmk what you’re looking for and I’ll see if I’ve got anything that fits the bill; I don’t have takedown gear yet unfortunately.

Gamertag is jadedserenity7

I have a cloning maddening tracker w an ASE rad dmg anoint and I have that specific transformer


Corrosive/Ice Kybs Worth
A Recursion with ASE elemental dmg

Unfortunately I’m lacking those items, but thanks for the response; I probably should edit the above to note I’m lacking takedown gear, so sorry for omitting that.

Oh wait, recursion not redistributor, I’ll go check

I do not have an elemental ASE on a recursion unfortunately

That would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Invite when you’re ready

Invite sent, had to reboot to get mic to pick up

Thanks again! lmk if anything went awry

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