LF a *corrosive* WTF Shield mod

Hmu Lemme know what you need.
I’m dumb didnt know the bombs were determined by resistance type


I’ll send you one in a few minutes

MY dude! Thank you! I’m still looking for that atom balm relic for you

No worries man, on the off chance you find it I’ll really appreciate it

Daaaang. Didn’t know the bombs dropped the same as the resistance type. Thought they were always corrosive. I’m trying to up the DPs of the bombs with a Flesh Melter Artifact. You want the shock one back, bro?

Oh OK, sorry don’t have corrosive but I’ll keep my eyes out. I don’t need the shock one so if you think you’ll get use hold on to it otherwise I can give it to next person who wants lol.