LF a couple of specific items for the Krieg-man

OP8 Alkaline Pun-Chee with max roid (1,555,048) to my knowledge
OP8 Diesel Blister COM +6 Grenades, +66% Kill Skill Duration, +6 Fuel the Blood, +5 Blood Bath

Appreciate anyone that can help me out. :slight_smile:


I might have the class mod you are looking for. I know you can buy the shield at the seraph vendor in the torgue dlc. The vendor is in the buildings outside the arena. I think its 120 seraph crystals. Send me a message on psn. Name is same. I will check for the class mod when i can get online later.

You’d be better off using a Legendary Reaper. With Bloodbath at 10/5 you don’t need +6 grenades, and the kill skill duration can be increased up to 99%

I checked the class mod. It has +5 grenades and the skill points are flipped from what you are looking for. 66% kill skill is the same.

I’m doing it for a specific build to bloodsplod pyro pete. I don’t need the reaper mod at all. @Vinterbris Specifically the +6 in Fuel the Blood to get the 220% grenade damage at max bloodlust. @GOODYEARBLIMP

The highest roid for the shield that I’ve farmed from the vendor is 1.2 million. It’s probably doable but I wanted the alkaline immunity for Pete’s nova initial nova.