LF a Cryo Recurring Hex Nade and a few other items. Trading a bunch of mods and anointed gear

’m looking to trade for several level 50 items that would help with my Cryo Zane build. I’m looking for a Cryo Recurring Hex grenade, a well rolled Ice Breaker artifact and Anointed Cryo versions for the Laser Sploder, Lucians Call and Crossraods.

Lvl 50 items that I have for trade:

Anointed Hellfire (Flak)

Anointed Corrosive Kaos (Zane)

Anointed Brainstormer

Anointed Face Puncher (Moze)

Anointed Fire Cutsman

Anointed Fire Cutsman (Zane)

Anointed Kill o Wisp (Flak)

Anointed Bangarang (Moze)

Anointed Malaks Bane

Anointed Radiation Rowans Call (Flak)

Anointed Fire Rowans Call

Anointed Shock Cutsman (Zane)

Anointed Super Ten Gallon

Anointed Shock Sickle

Anointed Hellwalker

Corrosive Lucians Call

Fire Lucians Call

Night Hawkin


Radiation Rowans Call

Shock Rowans Call



Trick Unforgiven



Blast Master x2 (Moze)

Infiltrator x6 (Zane)

Elementalist x3 (Amara)

Phasezerker (Amara)

Nimbus (Amara)


Anointed Big Boom Blaster

Anointed Re-Charger (Zane)


Elemental Projector x2

Otto idols

+many other artifacts

Feel free to message me here or on PSN. Thanks in advance

PSN: Rfr3sh86

I’ve got a cryo recurring hex that’s anointed too

I can trade for this, I have this. Is it suitable?

Doesnt matter to me brother but mine is anointed to restore grenades

what would you like for your anointed recurring hex?

The fire cuts man, fl4k anointed rad rowan’s call and the corrosive Lucians call. Maybe another rifle or 2 if you’re generous but I’ve been hunting those for a little while and still need them

I maybe can’t give them all up for one Nade but I can offer you a the anointed rowans calls and the Lucians call. How does that sound?

Sounds good to me I’ll have to grind for my cutsman lol, know where the best place to get one is?

I always get mine from Graveward. please add me at Rfr3sh86

Thanks for the grenade.

I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to slight you but Novalord was the first one to post on my thread. What item would be interested in?