Lf a double pentrating radation laser-sploder

hi im looking for a double pentrating laser-sploder that has radation damage .

I got 2 which are dp but need to check what the elements are after bit camping at graveward

okay let me know what element they are when u get a chance

yeah this is it ? got all 5 all but cyro isnt dp it seems haha

what are u looking for to trade for it

currently looking for icebreaker victory rush with okay perks on it , as finding no luck yet farming one or any decent perk zane mods will work maybe (as trying to figure out which zane build I use)

sadly i don’t have ethier of those

I have one with a digiclone augment on it. Looking for a shock Handsome Jackhammer

sorry i dont have that

I have a do radiation laser sploder. Looking for rough rider shield with bullet gen on terror

Have a double penetrating rad laser Sploder with a s e 100% bonus damage.

Looking for non Terror anointed Infinity Pistols

Anything Gamma Burst 65% I don’t have.
Anything STNTL bonus cryo I don’t have.

I have this, looking for Phasezerker for amara with +5 Anima