LF a dupe copy of the VIP Maliwan smg

I don’t know if the duplication methods are workable with Borderlands 3. But I noticed my VIP SMG went missing from my main character’s inventory, and even bank. I tried making a new Amara character, and there were no pre-unlockable items besides the pre-order bonuses in the inventory. Now, if duping methods do work on BL3, would someone be willing to help me dupe a copy? (I don’t ninja gear). And if duping doesn’t work, would it be wiser for me to send an email ticket to Gearbox?

My Xbox GT is: l Atomic Pain l
I respond pretty quickly online on Xbox. If I don’t respond quickly enough, i’m either asleep or at work.

I also check forums frequently too.

Thanks for any/all help, I appreciate it!

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I’d suggest sending a ticket to 2k support. They might just send you golden keys or something (I lost a legendary to a glitch and that’s what I got), but they might send you the VIP gun again.
If not, hope someone sends you one. I think you can dupe, but its harder than previous games. I’d send you one of mine, but I’m not on Xbox. Good luck. =]

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Then you should know the forum Rules if not, maybe check before catching a ban. But a ticket should be your first option; i have no idea what xbox users can do in this regard, but im under the impression that they cant


I just started using this forum not so long ago, so reading the rules will help out.

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Fair enough, welcome? Im somewhat new to posting on forums but i figure its worth sorting out; usually see threads like this closed within an hour just for mentioning it

Ahh, understandable. I’ve messaged a few people on Xbox about it, they might help me out, but have told me to test my luck out on forums or club posts and/or like everyone said, sending a ticket to Gearbox support. Slow process since it’s like 10:13pm. But more or less, i’m not trying to stir up any trouble, thanks for the help anyways.

Theres a number of people on reddit and discords that may help; but as far as i know xbox does not have the ability to because of how microsoft set up cloud saves etc. So best chance is finding someone that doesnt want theirs - or waiting for the ticket process to go through; I didnt think that weapon was to great anyway

As pointed out, the forum rules strictly prohibit dupe requests, along with any discussion of how that might be achieved. This is doubly important on XBox since some of those methods may very while violate your account/console terms of use/service.

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