LF a Face puncher

Looking for a face puncher with 100% melee or on action skill end do more dmg to enemies above 90% health

I am pretty sure I have one in storage. I can check tonight when I get home. Whats your GT?


Cool ill let you know if i have one.

Alright I’ll let you know if I get one so u don’t have to give or trade to me

Sounds good happy to give it to you if i have it. only stuff i am really after right now are the following if you have one of those I would love to trade =)

1: A Sapper class mod for Moze - with SMG Damage and mag size. If it has Assault rifle dmg as a bonus awesome

2: Flipper - looking for shock dmg or fire - Dmg after skill end anointment would be best.

3: Ineffable Knowledge: looking for Mag size increase on this one. If it has wep dmg or smg dmg that would be amazing. Dont really care the level of this.

Think I got a shock flipper, have to look at the annointment

If you do my GT is AggitatedYeti

Sent you what I had. It’s 60% melee and 300% enemies over 90%

Hope it helps until you get what you are after!

I have a flipper with no annointments and has Cryo and radiation

If you dont need it I would love it. I am working my way through the DLCs right now and that gun will be super helpful for the build I am going for =)

Ok I’ll send it over

much appreciated =)

If you want I can send you the 300% dmg above 90% health facepuncher cause I just found one

Nah not needed. It was just in my storage taking up space =)