LF a few items, have lots to trade

Would like to try a deathless with Cryo damage, SMG damage, mag size, splash damage, reload speed. Preferably ice breaker deathless but not too worried.
Also really want the mag size as one of the three rolls.
Already have a good one so being picky lol!

Would also like to try a Cryo 50/150 Good Juju.

If possible would love to try a new bloodletter too. Similar rolls to the deathless to suit a flipper. Can add Mailwan and crit damage rolls to it. Would really like to not have any thin red line and for it to have 3 desperate measures. Again being picky as the one I have is already very good.

Have lots of class mods, artifacts, 50/150 and consec hit weapons. Also have some good grenades like the CMT on grenade thrown annointment and so on. I’ve got the X14 facepuncher with 300/90 annointment too.
PSN is wonga-bunny.