LF a few items List Included

I’m looking for any of these:

Phasezerker Mod with Action Skill Cooldown & Weapon Damage
Redundant Brainstormer with 100% damage on ASE
Low level Sellout
Dastardly Lucky 7 with 100% damage on ASE
Transformer with 50% Bonus on ASE or Action Skill Cooldown

I’ve got quite a bit to trade, just let me know if there’s something in particular or whatever.


I got Transformer with Cryo ase, I’m lf snowdrift Victory Rush. Have that by chance?

Do you happen to have a Corrosive or Rad Redistributor with SNTL Anoint?

What element ase you want. I have all 5.

I have a level 26 sellout

Hey, I have the Redundant Brainstormer with 100% damage on ASE,
Dastardly Lucky 7 with 100% damage on ASE and Transformers with 50%
on ASE in all elements.

Do you have any anointed Maggie’s or Bekah’s?

I have quite a few but they’re are 2 of my favorite guns so I’m always
on the lookout for new anointed versions.

I have a 100 ASE anointed Maggie for the lucky 7…

Dang dude, I already have that one!

Edit…seeing as it’s Xmas you can have the lucky 7 anyway.

PSN dogstar13

I’dd add you now…

I have a Gamma one as well that’s very useful if you play Gamma FL4K.

Cool, I’ll take the Gamma Maggie please. I have Fl4k at 50 but haven’t played
them in ages but will be handy to have for future builds.

Yes, I do have one. It has Action Skill CD, Irradiate Chance, Radiation Damage. Just let me know

No, I don’t

Cyro or Radiation but I’ll take whatever honestly

That would work, what are you looking for?

Nope, I don’t have either of those.

Ah well, drop me an FR and I’ll mail the stuff I posted, and some Maggie’s…
just so you know what you’re missing :grinning:

recurring hex grenade (shock)?

Add me on psn I have Maggie and bekah annointed i could use the brainstormer my dude
Psn is illastic

What Maggie’s & Bekah’s do you have?

You were looking for rakk attack correct? I got extra terror projectiles on a Maggie as well I got slot of Maggie’s every class except for amara