LF A few Items to complete my amara

I’m looking for an anointed fire rowan’s with ASE 100% weapon damage, 125% damage or next 2 clips 50% elemental boost anointment.

An anointed rad queens call with any of the anointments from above.

An anointed bullet vacuum recharger. Any general shield anointment will do.

Let me know what you want for the items and I’ll see if I have what you want.


Bump one more time.

I have an anointed fire Rowan’s call available.

What are you looking for?

If You have a decent Elemental Projector Artifact that would be great.

Let me check what I have.

I have an elemental projector Otto idol with pistol damage, melee and health regen. Will that work?

Any others?

I have one I use for farming since it’s a loaded dice with + luck and the other I’m using for my build that gives me AR damage, additional HP, and AS cool down. If I could get another of either of those I’m willing to trade them.