LF a few OP10 items /BL2


I recently started helping a friend run through Digistruct Peak. I had almost everything I needed for OP8 back in the days, but since the new lvl cap and OP levels I’m in need of some OP10 stuff. I also have some for trade.

Listing both sets below (all items are OP10 unless stated for that specific item)

I’m looking for the following OP10 guns and items:

(Rustlers) Twister
(Practicable) Interfacer (any/all elements)
(Rabid) Rapier
Boss Bekah

Chain Lightning

Grounded Hide of Terramorphous

Legendary Killer class mod (max stats)
Legendary Ninja class mod (max stats)

I have the following OP10 guns and items for trade:

Lyudmila (fire, corrosive, shock, N/A)
Deadeye Bekah
DP Harold
Twin Hornet
Topneaa (Fire, Shock)
Puissant Norfleet (all elements)
Pimpernel (Fire, Shock, Slag, Corrosive)
Sandhawk (Fire, Shock, Corrosive)

Grog Nozzle (LVL 80 but it is the permanent one)

Magic Missile (purple)
Longbow Storm Front
Sticky Lobbed Quasar
Longbow Tesla (blue)
Explosive Fastball

Alkaline The Bee
The Bee

Bone of the Ancients (all elements)

Legendary Hunter
Legendary Sniper
Legendary Cat
Legendary Siren
Legendary Nurse

If you happen to need anything that is lower level, just ask and I might have it. I have alot of the top items in many different levels.

If you have anything to trade, feel free to add me right away on PSN, my ID: dappe83 (include a message about BL3 trading so I know what the request is for) or message me here.

Thank you!!

Hello, I have the bota relics, storm fronts the longbow and lobbed, norfleets which 3 elements? Fire, shock, corrosive? Reply here if interested. Thank you and have a good day.
My PSN is under my username in this forum.

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Hey, yeah I would like those relics (if they are with high stats, I have some lvl 70+ versions). Longbow Storm Front would be super and yeah fire, shock and corrosive norfleets (I don’t think it has a Slag version).

You can add me on PSN: dappe83
I’ll be online again tomorrow at latest.

@deevirus Well apparently I can’t add you or message because of your settings.

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That is weird. I’ll check in a moment. I can add you if that is your PSN name: AngelofLove57
EDIT: I had invites set to friends of friends for some reason, so I changed that now. :slight_smile:

Still looking for some :slight_smile:

Thanks for your business. Have a good day

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Hey I have an op 10 Boss Bekah that I’m willing to trade, if you still need it. My psn is EternalParadise1 to add me.