Lf a few things. Free stuff to give

Lf. Redistributor. Any. Cutsman (not incendiary) (Beastmaster if possible)

Free crap: (all legendary, class anointed)
Moar linage (Zane). Poison ginormous bamgarang xl (moze). Packin devastator (Zane). Handsome jackhammer (moze). Redundant brainstormer (moze). Searing deft malaks bane (Amara). Galvanized Nova berner (moze). Kneel and heal stop gap (Zane). Deliverance big boom blaster (Amara). Transformer (Zane). Golden rule (Amara). Investing blistering green monster (moze).

A ton of shields and grenades. (Legendary anointed)
A ton of seein dead (Zane).
Random artifacts and a ton of random guns. (Legendary anointed)

I hate typing this stuff out. Looking for any specifics, just message me and ask.

What’s the Zane annoint on transformer? I got corrosive and shock cutsman, not beast master but terror heal which still heals 25%without terror on both

When barrier is deployed, instantly start recharging your shields.

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Damn I’m clone/drone. Don’t suppose you have recurring radiation hex with on throw 25?

Nah sorry. Just a few cloning.

I have a Cutsman AND Redistributor ASE 100. Do you have any Gamma Burst weapons like Bekah, Lyuda, Maggie, Pestilence or ASE %50 Stop-Gap Shields?

I know I have a gamma burst Maggie. Might have something else. I’ll message you when I get home from work.

what do you got for seeing dead class mods any with +4 or +5

i got all the elements of redistreputer but they are all zane anointed

Nah. Nothing 4 or 5.

Sorry dude, no Maggie. Companion, devoted, spinner in gamma burst. No ase stop gaps. Stop gaps I have are fade away and sntnl movement speed.

I would love the transformer for Zane when barrier is active, start recharging. Are you looking for level 53 gear? If so I am not there yet. Currently, I am Level 50 - I can give you any number of anointed Cutsmans and Redistributors at level 50. Let me know. Thanks GT = Chase D Gamer08

You got it. I’ll get it to you when I get home from work. Around 8 est. I have corrosive redistributor/cutsman. Fire cutsman. If you have a redistributor for fl4k, that’d be great. Doesn’t matter what skill. If not, radiation would work. Thanks

Great. FYI - I will be sending your gear in about 7 hours.

Thanks for all of those. If you’re ever lf anything particular, just ask

Anyone got a its piss they dont want. Gt ChilledFish88 cheers in advance no worries if not :slight_smile:

Today, I did some more farming. I am looking for anointed transformers, LVL 53 Tediore shock shotgun mirv homing, or other good level 53 gear. Some highlights: Let me know if you want any of these for trade. Thanks Tom
Would you be interested in any of (all level 53) Maggie 125% damage vs bosses, Night hawking ASE 50 corrosive, cloning hunter seeker ASE 50% radiation, Cutsman corrosive ASE 125 % splash dam, Cutsman fire 5% weapon damage, Infinity cryo ASE 75% radiation, Shocking AAA 100% damage Rakk Attack, Shreddifier x2 shock, Maggie phase cast 250% damage, Baby maker cryo phase slam 300% damage, Double penetrating Roisen Thorns x2 160% splash damage, Firestorm ASE 50% shock, Moxxi pair ASE 50% radiation, etc. Thanks GT = Tom dot 66

I’ll check in a minute

I have two transformers ( sntnl movement speed and ase DMG is reduced 15%) only tediore I have is polybius radiation ase melee increased 100%. I also have a few double penetrating laser sploders and muskets. I can’t remember what it’s called. The smg flamethrower. I would def be interested in that Maggie for bosses